Monday, January 11, 2010

book binding workshop!

here are the pictures from the book binding quickie that happened this sunday at 1pm :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a new website, a different blog ..

Hello all,

Our website will be going live tonight! It will contain information on most of the workshops we'll be holding this wintersession. A lot of the details are still to be determined, so we'll have to ask you to be patient with us for now. Please let us know of any problems you come across so we can fix them!

We also just obtained a tumblr to use, potentially in place of this blogspot one. Any preferences? Shoot us an email and let us know.

<3 risd quickies team.

Monday, January 4, 2010

a new look for us

like it?

posters and official website to follow ..

updates: weekend one!

Hello everyone,

We are currently finishing up our sweet new website that will have all the juicy details on the quickies that will be taking place this wintersession, but here's an update on the ones that will be taking place this first weekend. We'll be getting the website and posters up this week, as well as sending out an email to everyone from the Alliance account.

Please let us know of any questions or suggestions!

weekend one: january 8-10th
+ typography: friday, jan. 8th (time is TBD, but we'll let you know! it will be in the evening.)
+ web design: friday, jan. 8th, 7-11pm; sunday, jan. 10th, 1-5pm
+ green screening with adobe aftereffects: saturday, jan. 9th, 2:30-4pm
+ book binding: sunday, jan. 10th, 1-4:30pm

We hope you'll join us!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

a little naked ..

I know we're looking a little bare right now .. but a banner and logo will be on the way after the holiday festivities!

Monday, December 21, 2009

schedule of quickies

Hello everyone,

Below is a rough list of the workshops we are currently working on. As of now, this schedule is extremely tentative and will most likely change. This is just for everyone to get an idea of what is going to be offered. The ones with asterisks next to them don't have workshop leaders nailed down as of yet, so if you might be interested in teaching it, let us know!

weekend one: January 9-10
+ typography*
+ green screening (with Adobe Aftereffects)
+ book binding
+ musical theatre

weekend two: January 16-17
+ auto cad for laser cutting
+ handbuilding for ceramics
+ knitting
+ indesign/illustrator (adobe creative suite)
+ musical theatre

weekend three: January 23-24
+ glass blowing
+ linoleum block printing*
+ web design
+ musical theatre

weekend four: January 30-31
+ smooth-on rubber molds (demo; Friday, Jan. 29)
+ metal work for jewelry*
+ book design with InDesign
+ theatrical/SFX makeup
+ musical theatre

weekend five: February 6-7
+ sandblasting
+ screen printing
+ basic apparel techniques*
+ musical theatre

We also have these workshops that we're still working to put on the schedule:
+ photoshop*
+ media resources (how to use powerpoint projections, etc.)
+ fabric dyeing*
+ cooking/wine tasting

Please feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions! We're excited and hope you are too!

<3 the risd quickies team

Sunday, December 20, 2009

And God said let there be quickies at RISD...

Hey guys, hope you all saw the email from Student Alliance regarding these weekend workshops. We'll have lists of the classes and times up soon and afterwards pictures from the events. Keep checking back for more information and enjoy your break from RISD!

<3 RISD Quickies Team